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Refers to people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment. In the past, this usually referred to those who traveled from less-developed countries to major medical centers in highly developed countries for treatment unavailable at home. However, in recent years it may equally refer to those from developed countries who travel to developing countries for lower-priced medical treatments. The motivation may be also for medical services unavailable or non-licensed in the home country


The International Patient Department at Bina Eye Hospital is a complete service for patients visiting the hospital from countries outside the Iran. The International Patient Center staff – including physicians, administrators, interpreters, and international care liaisons – coordinate all aspects of each international patient’s visit to the hospital. From managing medical consultations and hospital admissions to travel and hotel arrangements, our staff is committed to making international patients and their families feel comfortable during their stay
How can I get admitted to Bine Eye hospital?
    1. Bina Eye Hospital Address: 45th Seyed Razi Blvd, Vakil Abad Blvd, Khorasan Razavi Province, Mashhad, Iran
    2. International Patient Reception Phone number: 051-3616309
    3. International Patient Reception WhatsApp: ehbina
    4. International Patient Reception E-mail:
    5. International Patient Reception Website:
    Through these ways you can get connection with international patient advisor for admitting
IPD Services

    Bina eye Hospital and the International Patients Department (IPD) will assist you all through your travel arrangements and medical care.

    The IPD staff at Bina eye Hospital are qualified in caring for their patients:


    Some of the IPD services we offer include


    • Appointing coordinators to help you throughout every aspect of your trip, accommodation and medical care
    • Getting experienced case managers, familiar with your country and language, to assist you throughout your visit
    • Providing healthcare interpreters within the hospital
    • Offering a choice of international and cuisine daily, including special dietary preferences (e.g. Halal certified meals)
    • Arranging your transportation to and from the airport or your hotel
    • Providing free sim cards upon arrival for your mobile phone and the phones of any people accompanying you
    • Translating all your medical documents into English
    • International Department
    • Transport assistance
    • Transparent billing & Detailed Invoices
    • Provision of discharge report in understood language
    • Post-discharge support
    • Gender specific care
    • Single patient rooms
    • Private bathroom
    • Internet access & free wi-fi
    • Ambulance services
    • Restaurant / wending machine / automatic Transactions Machine/ prayer room

    For any questions or any further information, please call us on: 051-361630